Sex etc.

A conversation between Russell L. Smith (go google rating, go!) and myself.

We cover quite a few topics...including the results of a Forbes experiment, survey...something. Either way I don't trust it.

The infamous "Storytime" will finish itself next week, one each day. If you don't like me now, nothing in the next week will improve that.

I'm finding this blogging thing can easily become a diary. I'm pretty sure that was the intent of these things in the first place. I went into this wanting to just deliver the (dirty, disturbing) stories of my life and those of others and just be done. I think this is becoming a place or me to become introspective. I've never been able to think through things on my own, I've always needed someone else around to be able to figure out what's going on inside my head.

That's you now. Not that anyone reads this.



Two selections of audio for your consumption...

1) I tell two old friends of mine about an adventure at a downtown bus station

2) Steve and I discuss hair and movies

they're of medium to passing production value and that will of course improve over time.

Okay so, moving on...


you're just going to have to click a few more times. At least I know how it works..


at least IT WORKS.

back to reality.

I've decided to loose weight. I've heard such things are obtained through diet and exercise. The second part I think I can handle, I've started to go swimming with my handy dandy new sporty hair doo and play basketball (thought I will admit I suck, more on this later) on Tuesdays.
The diet part means I will have to exclude some of the few things that lift my spirits through either intoxication or sugar. I won't lie, I'm a shallow heartless son of a bitch who refuses to take his medication, I find joy in the material and for that matter this edible.

Oh well I suppose I will just have to find peace through the human experience.

I'm doomed.

F**k OurMedia.com

I'll say it again, fuck ourmedia.com

It's amazing just how much crap one has to wade through to upload 7 minutes of .MP3


I just can not understand how one company can make this task harder.

I think things would be going better if I had begun uploading my little chunks of audio sooner...

on that note: fuck retrospect for being right.


It's NOT on the rebound...

So I waited long enough and was finally able to justify cutting off my heair without worrying about it's removal occuring in the shadow of some bad idea of a realtionship. Nothing's worse than changing something about yourself as a rebound and then being slapped in the face by 20/20 retreospect vision.

It sounds like I've had experience with this before. I haven't, I'm scared of change. This doesn't mean i dont take other people advice as cardinal law when it -sounds- like it makes sense. It's a good docterine to live by.

I don't read much, it's a bad habbit I picked up as a dislexic child, book used ot scare me. They showed me the flaw in what an arrogant kid would consider a perfect "bright" mind. I'm beginning to age to the point where I -know- I don't know anything. Back to the point.
Usually reading a book a week is about my limit. I'm reading three at the same time now. One for a class (at work), one for the bathroom (what?) and one before bed. The latter of the three is Rebel Without a Crew, the Robert Rodriguez book about how he pulled a Kevin Smith (who came first?) either way both had enough balls to do the sort of thing I'm pondering now. It's not for lack of balls in the money sense, I'm pretty sure I could finance SOMETHING, it's the same feeling one gets before a wedding they're not ENTIRELY sure about. Sure she's hot but is she worth the rest of your life? Do I have the mental ability to hold it togethor through the shoot like Rodriguez did. Read the book, the statement I just made is answered in there, it doesn't stop me from thinking it though. A lot of the tension behind me making a headcase statement like that has to do with my last short.

We'll just say I should be fare to myself and move the fuck on.

Anyway, two things so far from reading his book.
1) Inspireing, I'm closer than I thought and yet at the same time so far away in some respects.

2) He used to sell his body to labs to make money off of drug tests. No I'm not thinking about doing the same thing, the money is not an issue... OH MY GOD WHAT A GOOD FILM IDEA

I love two directors above all others. Ridley Scott and Terry Gilliam. Mr. Gilliam = surreal humor. The idea exists as a singularity within my mind, like a flare in above a dark and humid rainforrest. If i were to fail at life what better way to make 3 grand a month than sell my body to science. Cheap to film, FUN to write, a chance to do really strange shit. I love getting these ideas. I've had one on this level before and it took a long time to build. I'll sit on it and let it snowball. I find letting things bounce around the clutter of one's mind is the best way to create, it just takes too long.


Audio > Video

Okay change in plans, after a week of thought there will still be video podcasts, but not as many, the bulk of what will be seen here will be in audio format.


My content to work ratio will be much higher, what takes a week to do in video can be done in one after noon with audio. Besides, I think most stories are best told leaving something to the imagination.


"anyone can piss on the wall, it takes a hero to shit on the ceiling" - some dude


and it was good...

Its alive!

expect pod casts...

more to come soon.


"We need a BIG FUCKING THING! I don't care what it is; as long as it's BIG...and it's a FUCKING THING" - Lewis Black